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Enough is Enough!

Pack Tools helps you to achieve better load stability with less film. Definitely a win-win situation!


The manufacturing of hand stretch film highly contributes to the emission of carbon dioxide worldwide. In order to reduce their carbon footprint, manufacturers came to the idea of “reuse”. But however recycling seems obvious, this strategy actually achieves the opposite: It ENHANCES emissions!

  • ‘Reused’ implies that old film should be collected, transported back to the production facility and reproduced into a new role of stretch film. All those steps add to the emission of carbon dioxide.  
  • Reused film, however 4 times thicker, offers less stability than the original film. So you need more of it in order to achieve the same load stability.


In logistics, the rate of absence is traditionally high. Back pain and other work related injuries cause long-term staff outages which force operational costs to rise. Unnecessarily, we say. Why risk the health of your employees if there are solutions that make physical effort less hard? 

Healthier, happier, cheaper
Pack Tools makes stabilising pallets not only EASIER and LESS RESTRAINING. We make it also MORE FUN!   

road safety

The average damage rate on transported goods reaches up to 4%. Worldwide we are talking about billions of dollars/euro’s! Even more worrying though, is the fact that insufficiently secured load poses a serious threat to road safety.

We care about businesses AND people
National governments try to limit the amount of road accidents due to sliding load by increasing legislation and fines. Pack Tools rather tackles the cause on the starting point. We offer you products and services that insure a consistent load stability while meeting international legislation. Our objective is to make transportation more safe. For the sake of all of us. 

Reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)

When it comes to the pricing of stretch film, the cheapest ones often appear to be the most expensive. Why? Because purchasers tend to forget about additional costs. For example  the contribution on waste. Or ‘tarra’, the amount of unusable weight added just for transportation of the film. And how can you be sure that there is really 30 meters of film on a supposed 30m role?

Time for clarity
Pack Tools focusses on the initial purpose of stretch film: to achieve a consistent and safe load stability. We think it is time to show you the real price/performance balance of your current stretch film.  

work smart, fast, safe

In logistics, a lot of work-related injuries are the result of using heavy and impractible tools. Especially when it comes to stabilising a pallet, ordinary equipment forces operators to walk backwards and with a bended back. The ideal recipe for physical disaster.

Work ‘smart’ instead of ‘hard’
We at Pack Tools invent light-weight tools and equipment which make working in warehouses significantly more safe, ergonomic and easy.

the solutions of pack tools

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