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We make the CFO sm!le

“I am happy our Logistics Manager came to me with this innovative solution, as it turns out to not only help her improve her operations, but it saves us serious money as well: our TCO have seriously decreased.”

Decrease TCO

"Too good to be true? Look at our figures now…our TCO have seriously decreased, just like these guys told us in our first meeting"
"If I look at the costs per wrapped pallet and see how much we were able to reduce, I can only sm!le!"
"It turned out that we had quite some ‘hidden’ costs, that I wasn’t really aware of and that we have now eliminated or seriously reduced as well."

Achieve more with less

"These guys said they wanted to help us ‘achieve more with less’ and guess what? We are actually doing that!"
"Definitely a recommendation to our sister companies and affiliated DC’s."
"I love the fact that we can lease these high-tech devices: instant operational and financial gain at no financial risk or long-term obligations."

Improve operations

"Like our colleagues in this industry, we pay a yearly tax called ‘Packaging Waste Management Contribution’ for our used packaging materials… I can only sm!le when I think about this year’s taxation, as it will be seriously lower than last year’s!"

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