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We make the Operational manager sm!le

“It makes me sm!le to see how much easier our people can do their wrapping, without the old fashioned physical strain”

Work safer

√ Good bye back breaking work!
√ Good bye walking backwards!
"I now know for sure that only 100% safely stabilised pallet loads are leaving our warehouse."

Achieve more with less

"Our operators can choose the setting that works best for them, tall or short, young or old, they all love working with this tool!"
"Although our operators don’t have to pull hard anymore, their wraps are tighter and stronger, even on their last pallet loads of the shift."
"Let’s face it: it’s the least favourite work in the warehouse… well.. it used to be, as I now see smiles all around our warehouse!"

Work more comfortable


“I wish we had this solution years ago… it enables our people to work easier, more comfortably and safer and at the same time, it enables us to guarantee that only safe and well stabilised loads are leaving our warehouse…a win-win if you ask me.”

Want to know how we make you sm!le?

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