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Optimal load stability = Safety.

Optimal load stability: Safety for your warehouse and transport

Optimal load stability equals safety—both in your warehouse and during transport. Safety is not only a requirement to prevent accidents but also a necessary condition for protecting your goods and employees. As a QSHE manager, your goal is to ensure that every pallet leaving your warehouse is fully secured and complies with all international transport guidelines.

100% Secured

Imagine having the guarantee that 100% of your pallet loads leave your warehouse 100% secured and in full compliance with all regulations. This would be a significant weight off your shoulders and a major step forward in ensuring safety within your company. This assurance directly translates into fewer incidents, less damage to goods, and a more efficient transport process.

Work more comfortable

But that’s not all. With our hybrid total solutions for pallet wrapping, which combine manual and machine wrapping methods enhanced with smart technologies, the work of your operators becomes significantly lighter. Using these advanced techniques allows for reduced workload, leading to better ergonomics and higher employee satisfaction.

50-80% less stretch film

Additionally, our innovative approach offers substantial material savings. By using 50-80% less stretch film, you not only save on costs but also contribute to sustainability. Reduced plastic consumption means less waste and a lower ecological footprint, aligning with the increasing focus on environmentally friendly business practices.

We make the QHSE manager sm!le

Bringing these benefits together ensures that you can confidently rely on the safety and efficiency of your logistics processes. The guarantee of optimal load stability, combined with lighter working conditions for your employees and significant material savings, is sure to bring a smile to your face. As a QSHE manager, you can take pride in achieving these high standards of safety and sustainability in your warehouse and transport operations.

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About XTE-motion

As the latest innovation in the line of smart and patented inventions by Pack Tools 2.0 BV, the XTE-motion® concept is the logical next step in our mission to take hand pallet wrap to a professional level.

Did you know that a good 45% of all stretch film is still applied by hand and in the old-fashioned way of holding a roll of stretch film in between four fingers and walking backwards around the pallet load, kneeling and bending, resulting in poor load stability and unhappy operators?

As of today, hand wrapping pallet loads can be fun and with guaranteed optimal load stability at minimal cost. No matter who does the wrapping or what the pallet load looks like, consistency is key. On top of that, your company’s CO2 footprint and TCO will be reduced… if that doesn’t make you sm!le…

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Do you want to know how we can make your company sm!le? Contact us and we explain you the possibilities of our new hand wrapping solution!

Solution for optimal load stability

XTE-motion® is much more than just a wrapping system, it is a solution for realising optimal load stability, consistently and repeatedly!