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Hybrid wrapping solution for optimal load stability


 XTE-motion® provides a simple sustainable and scalable hybrid wrapping solution for pallet hand wrapping

The Hybrid
Wrapping Process

The best of both Worlds!

Hybrid pallet wrapping is a Dutch innovation that combines efficiency and sustainability in the logistics packaging process. The XTE-motion® system, which combines the advantages of manual and machine wrapping, offers numerous advantages for companies striving to optimize their logistics process.


The core of hybrid wrapping with XTE-motion® lies in its simple application. By leveraging the advantages of both the machine and manual wrapping processes, companies can benefit from the quality and consistency of the machine wrapping process while maintaining the speed and flexibility of the manual wrapping process. 


Another advantage of hybrid wrapping is its durability. By making smart use of state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials, companies can reduce their carbon footprint without compromising the quality of the transport packaging. This is especially important at a time when sustainability is increasingly central to business decisions and consumer preferences.


The process of hybrid wrapping can be tailored to a company’s specific needs and scale. Whether a small business looking for improved efficiency or a large manufacturer that values sustainability, hybrid wrapping with XTE-motion® offers a smart solution that can be tailored to different situations.


In short, hybrid wrapping of pallet loads with XTE-motion® is a real innovation in the logistics packaging process, where efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand. By using both manual and machine techniques, companies can optimize their logistics processes while having a positive impact on the environment.

Patented solution

Nano stretch film Striqta® + Electronically driven dispenser XTE-motion®

The XTE-motion® hybrid wrapping solution offers you the best containment force on your valuable pallet load.

The patented XTE-motion® electronic hand wrap dispenser is designed to get the maximum performance out of the high-tech Striqta® stretch film. 

To achieve this, the XTE-motion® dispenser stretches the Striqta® to its optimal point of elasticity and rigidity without tearing or breaking. The motor driven pre-stretch system in the XTE-motion® dispenser takes the loads of your hands .

The force activated electronics guarantee a consistent force to load onto the goods on your pallet, no matter when, where or by whom this pallet is wrapped.


Smart App

Adjust personal settings within the app of our hybrid wrapping solution

For your operator we offer an app that helps him or her to wrap your pallet correctly for safe transport, based on the weight and load configuration of your pallets.

Your supervisor can adjust the settings, based on your needs of stabilisation.

And for the management the app offers data collection of the use of the tool.


Our hybrid wrapping solution also offer several services.


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The Hybrid Wrapping Process:
the best of both worlds!

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