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Over 40 years of experience in load securing and pallet stabilisation.

Pack Tools 2.0

Specialist in pallet hand wrapping

Sm!le BV is member of the Pack Tools 2.0 Group and dedicated to the development, sales and service of the XTE-motion® system in Europe.

At Pack Tools 2.0 BV, we have over 40 years of experience in load securing and pallet stabilisation and this experience combined with our drive to help our customers ‘achieve more with less’, has led to this revolutionary total solution for bringing your hand wrapping process into the 21st century.



As the latest innovation in the line of smart and patented inventions by Pack Tools 2.0 BV, the XTE-motion® concept is the logical next step in our mission to take hand pallet wrap to a professional level.

Did you know that a good 45% of all stretch film is still applied by hand and in the old-fashioned way of holding a roll of stretch film in between four fingers and walking backwards around the pallet load, kneeling and bending, resulting in poor load stability and unhappy operators?

As of today, hand wrapping pallet loads can be fun and with guaranteed optimal load stability at minimal cost. No matter who does the wrapping or what the pallet load looks like, consistency is key. On top of that, your company’s CO2 footprint and TCO will be reduced… if that doesn’t make you sm!le…

Pack Tools 2.0 BV continues designing innovative tools. We also seriously consider our clients’ feedback. This enables us to develop new tools, apps, test equipment and new services which keep us at the forefront of our business.

The evolution of hand wrapping

In the 1980’s, hand wrapping basically came down to running backwards around a pallet with a tiny roll of ordinary plastic film between one’s fingers.

During the 1990’s, our sister company started producing pre-stretched hand film. With a large part of the stretching already done, this made hand wrapping easier and less restraining. But it still remained a hazardous and back breaking job.

In 1999 we managed to develop a tool to apply pre-stretched film with ease and with a consistent load containment force onto pallet loads. The first Wrapplicator® was born. In the years following, we succesfully introduced improved and customised versions.

Today, hand wrapping has evolved into a global market including millions of users. Manufacturers finally embraced this trend by producing an increasing amount of thin, high performance stretch film. When applied with the right tools, this enables you to create a stable pallet load at a minimum of time, effort and material.