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We make the Purchase manager sm!le

“They helped me think in ‘costs per pallet’, something I never did…I used to only look at our purchase price per roll of stretch film and ‘price per kg’…”

Lower tax

"I wasn’t aware of the yearly tax we apparently pay on these ‘single-use plastics’, but these are a serious additional cost that make the cheap films not as cheap as I thought they were."
"Honestly, I thought we already sourced our stretch film at the lowest possible pricing, but as it turns out ‘going cheap’ was in fact costing us money."
"Nice to finally get supplied what we order and get invoiced for."

Achieve more with less

"I wish I had known about this solution years ago…think about the money we could have saved."
"At first I thought: ‘Yeah right… first see, then believe…’ and guess what? They showed… I now believe!"
"I didn’t expect the total costs for our wrapping process to be that high and I am glad we found this XTE-motion® solution, that helps us reduce on multiple levels simultaneously!"

Save money

“I admit I didn’t ‘buy’ their story immediately, but they really do offer an economically more interesting deal than any other stretch film supplier and our operators are happy as they can work easier and happier (no frequent film breaks as we used to have with the cheap stuff).”

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