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We make the sustainability manager sm!le

  “Achieving more with less’ as these guys call it, is actually helping us to perform better and to reduce material consumption and our company’s CO2 footprint at the same time!”

Reduce CO2

"I face the constant challenge to help our organisation reduce packaging materials in order to become more sustainable… this innovation is a big help for us achieving that goal."
"Great to see this innovation helping our organisation to realise serious CO2 reduction."
"We separate our waste, but nice that now there is actually seriously less to separate, as we use considerably less packaging material."

Achieve more with less

"Implementing this solution, brings us a big step closer towards reaching our sustainability goals."
"Great to see that this tool is largely made of recycled and recyclable materials and that Packtools2.0 is compensating the CO2 generated by its own activities."
"I am definitely going to implement this solution throughout our international organisation, as the more DC’s use this sustainable solution, the better CO2 reduction we will realize as a group!."

Reduce material

“The XTE-motion® concept helps me to show our management that working in a more sustainable way, can actually save money instead of cost money.”

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