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We make the operator sm!le

“I wish I had this solution years ago… I never want to go back to wrapping the old fashioned way with just a roll of film in between my fingers and walking backwards…”

Work lighter

"Luckily, I have no more film breaks during my wrapping, as this film is always protected by the smart XTE-motion® dispenser."
"From now on, I can do my wraps standing upright and walking forwards."
"The combined weight of the device and film is less than a six pack of beer, no complaints here! 😉"

Achieve more with less

"The app shows us the recommended wrapping procedure for each type of pallet load, easy!"
"I don’t need to change the film rolls as often as this device delivers a good 500(!) meters of film per roll."
"I can use this device on just two fingers, how’s that for comfort?"

Work smarter

“Last but not least: it’s fun to be working with such a cool high-tech device!”

Want to know how we make you sm!le?

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